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The future is here.
And it’s got Inkjam written all over it. We’re Perth’s newest digital agency with a single purpose: growing your business. And we’re preparing to make our mark.

Inkjam is a digital first, growth agency putting your business right where you want to be: ahead of the pack when your customers are ready to buy. Our proven strategies make your competitors look out-of- touch, out-of-their depth and out-of-the question.

Inkjam is the vision of two prolific Perth agencies: Inkling and The Jam Jar. You’ll want to be part of it.

_Why Choose Us?

If you want to work with an agency that has strong cultural values and believes in treating each other with respect and kindness and will go that extra mile to help – then you have come to the right place as we actually give a shit and take pride in what we do and we actually take it very personally if things go pear shaped as we are true creatives and artists at heart and we love what we do.

If you like to screw us down to 3rd world country prices and don’t treat us as valuable members integral to your business and brand and you like to tell us how to do our jobs, then we really wont be a good fit for you and we wish you all the best out there in finding an agency that has no idea what they are paid to do.


_Our Team

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Simon Hart

Director + Strategy Lead

Simon is the co owner of Inkjam Digital and has over 25 years experience in strategic thinking across all marketing platforms.
Simon is meticulous in his thinking and approaches each clients project with the mindset of being different and having something unique to say and offer, instantly separating your from the pack and your competitors.

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Nigel Moyes

Director + Photography

Nigel is the co owner of Inkjam Digital and has 30 years experience in the industry.
He is a professional landscape & portrait photographer and our go to guy for anything brand and design related at Inkjam.
He is a big picture thinker and his intuitive understanding of how beauty exists informs his approach to everything.

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Kallista Pocock

Digital Marketing Manager

Kallista is our conscensious Digital Marketing Manager at Inkjam with a passion for excellence in deliverables and accountability. Her empathetic but firm nature makes her ideal for creating client relationships and her eye for detail is second to non ensuring the agencies works are delivered on time and to the highest standards.

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David Carmody

Digital Campaign Manager

David is our Digital Campaign Manager at Inkjam with 10 years experience in driving and increasing leads, results and revenue for our clients online.
David is a massive numbers man and is constantly playing around with algorithms and metrics and researching to fine tune each and every campaign to ensure you get a successful outcome.

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James Alviani

Senior Web Strategist

James is head of Development at Inkjam and controls all the development of sites and our hosting.
James approach to work is the same as his life, considered and balanced and always with the best of intent as he strives to deliver excellence on a daily basis.
His troubleshooting abilities are legendary and a pure asset to the agency.

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Karen Tai

Senior Designer

Karen is the Senior Designer at Inkjam and Karen has 17 years experience creating awesome in every thing she designs.
Karen is very creative , adaptable and organised and her understanding and delivering of the brief is second to none as is her client management.
Her approach is always careful and measured sprinkled with laughter.

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Morgan Riley


Morgan is our resident wordsmith for all content on all our digital platforms.
His intricate knowledge on what works best on digital platforms and his passion for words and how this then translates and excites the reader is what makes him super energised to create amazing all day and everyday.

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Abigail Cosslett

Junior Designer

Abi is our resident intern designer and fresh off the boat from Christchurch NZ.
She has been thrown into the deep end and has had to learn to swim very quickly as she starts her journey as a graphic designer with Inkjam.
She hasn’t learnt yet that coffee is the key to starting the day!

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